From the Field: ACLCs Work on Energy Kits

MHYC Water Crew Member

MHYC Water Crew Member

It has been an interesting week around HQ at Mile High Youth Corps. This is the week in which the making of Kits has begun. HQ has been full of life since at least half of the ACLC (AmeriCorps Leadership & Conservation) crew has been in the building all day. Putting together Energy Kits can get a little monotonous at times, but we have managed to still have fun! Putting together Energy Kits has given us a new challenge and it has allowed us to all be together. We have been playing many different types of music to accompany our work, and some good conversations and laughs.

Where is the other half you might ask? Well, since the beginning of March some of us ACLCs have had the opportunity to work alternating weeks with the Water Crew. This is our opportunity to add some cross-culture crew action into our Spring work season. We work with the three Water crews to install high-efficiency toilets in low-income housing around the Denver Metro area. This work is more physical, more complex and the crew works in smaller pairs throughout the day. Though it’s different from our familiar Energy Crew, those of us taking advantage of this chance are thrilled to be doing it. Each toilet uses one gallon of water per flush, saving up to 3 gallons per flush! Both crews have their ups and downs, but the week went by fast and we’re ready to switch off and get into some more kits and toilets!

– Adrienne, Rachel, & John
AmeriCorps Conservation & Leadership


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