MHYC Meets Wheatridge

Richards-Hart Estate SignRosebushes, earthworms and junipers, OH MY! The sweet little suburb of Wheatridge, CO might not seem that wild, but it’s a jungle out there! The “Rock climbers” summer crew has finished their first week of work just west of Denver where kids were starting off their summer vacations with early morning bike rides through the Richards-Hart Estate and dogs were jumping fences to briefly steal our attention from the work before us.

The week got off to a rough start due to soggy ground and rainy weather, but by Wednesday we found ourselves just a quick drive from MHYC headquarters at one of the charming parks in the city of Wheatridge.

Working at Richards-HartWe had great sponsors who supplied us with a huge bin full of snacks to get us through our long, ten-hour days and had infinite knowledge on the plants and projects at hand. We spent the week pulling weeds, planting flowers and removing shrubs but our biggest and most demanding task was building a path around the perimeter of the main flower-filled area of the Richard-Hart Estate. We started by removing sod and digging the path out about four inches. After lining the path with metal to ensure the separation from the grass and the path, a crushed granite mixture was added to spread evenly along the walkway. While all this might not seem that demanding, it took all eleven of us focusing and working as a team to complete the project by Friday.

Group Photo at Richards-Hart EstateIt was our first week getting to know each other and we seem to have a good thing going, encouraging each other, teaching each other and even sharing some corny jokes over lunch.

This summer I’ll be alternating between two crews weekly, so next week I’ll be spending the week with the “Trailblazer” crew and utilizing my awesome chainsawing skills attacking Russian Olive trees. I’ll be back next week with tails from the “Trailblazers” and hopefully all my limbs in tact!

Vanessa Notman– Vanessa Notman


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