This is why we can’t always have perfect installs!

Every few days we will get one of those installs (you know, the toilet) that just drag us down. One where Murphy is in full swing. Recently, my teem that consisted of Crew leader Keenan, YouthBuilder Isaiah, and me, had the most unruly install that may ever have existed. It took 2 hours.

At first, Keenan and I stood over the slanted toilet, dumbfounded. We all eventually found ourselves conversing on the fate of this commode, swaying between yes and no. It came to yes, and our punishment for that choice followed.

The toilet was bolted to the floor (not the worst thing, quite the nuance albeit). And the wood under that was rotted. Having fixed that, we had to loosen the bolts that held our new toilet down, causing them to slip out of their new home. After fixing that, the new toilet would not accept its new home, and we had already compromised installing an elongated ‘comfort height’ toilet for its shorter, stubbier brother, the standard height.

It still did not fit. So we made it fit, by notching the door even farther. The home owner had notched the door to make the previous toilet work too.

Finally done, we put a layer of caulk around the base of the new loo and we were off.

Alas, it was worth it. That person will save water, and money on there bill.

We later made up time that day, installing countless more toilets, and saving swimming pools worth of water for our city!

~Zach, of the Water Crew.

One thought on “This is why we can’t always have perfect installs!

  1. I like it, partly because that was not my team, but mainly because you stuck with a hard job and did it right. That determination will serve you and your fellow Corpsmemebers well in the future.

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