Four Weeks To Go

End of Day at VanEven though our fingers have been tightly wrapped around chainsaws and rock bars, the summer is slipping through. With only four weeks left, the Rockclimber and Trailblazer crews have been busy, busy, busy.

2 SawyersThe Rockclimbers have spent time in the beautiful Pike National Forest doing some campsite refurbishing. They spent weeks removing old, unsafe fire rings and installing new ones, scrapping and painting picnic tables, putting in campsite markers, building fences and installing walls to help encourage proper use of these amazing areas. We kept our eyes open for elk, but only managed a few distant coyote sightings. Still, you can’t beat working up in the mountains, next to a river in the shade of tall pine trees.

Group PictureThe Trailblazer crew spent a couple weeks in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal working on Russian Olive removal. Although the mosquitoes can be bad, this wildlife refuge is an amazing place to spend our days. With over 300 species of wildlife living in the area, we got a chance to see deer, snakes, bison, raccoons and even our sponsor’s pet black widow spider named Lucy.

For the past two weeks however, the sawyers have had a chance to set down their chainsaws and do some trail work out in Castle Rock at the Canyon State Park. We worked on over 2,000 feet of trail, making it better and safer for the community to enjoy. We installed new stairs, drainage systems, water bars, rock walls, and even demolished a bridged and help install a new one.

BuildingI’ll be spending next week working with the Rockclimbers and will finish off the last three weeks of summer working with Angel (my chainsaw) on the Trailblazer crew. We have to take in these next weeks, soak in the sun and enjoy the great Colorado outdoors before saying goodbye to our summer seasonal workers and hello to the fall.

-Vanessa Notman


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