MHYC Changed Me

I’ve done some cool stuff, stuff that I thought I’d never do, for the state of Colorado during my six months with YouthBuild. I’ve worked on a construction site for low-income families, learned how to make a difference in the community by recycling and volunteered by planting trees and fixing trails.

With the different programs MHYC offers I have decided on what I want to do with my career. I want to be a Youth Enrichment worker with any “super-sick” non-profit organization like MHYC and Urban Peak. With help from Art from Ashes, I found out that I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it! I learned that through poetry you can speak from your heart. With the help of JRT (Job Readiness Training) I’ve learned how to sit down in an interview and sell myself as a good candidate for a job. I’ve learned how to handle job situations, how to speak to my boss and handle myself when I get mad. I’ve learned how important work ethic is if you want to keep a job.

I love MHYC because it brought more of myself out, it challenged me mentally and physically and MHYC helps the community so much. I think MHYC is cool because all the different crews really help out Colorado in different ways. One day I would like to work for the Water Crew here at MHYC because they really make a difference. Coming to MHYC has changed my outlook towards helping others who really need it and by others I mean community.

– Brenden Fresquez

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