Special Announcement

With ten years of incredible service given to Mile High Youth Corps, Shanda Vangas is leaving MHYC for a terrific position in the private sector. As of September 14th Shanda will be the Grants Manager for the Xcel Energy Foundation where she will be responsible for managing their grant-making process in Colorado. Shanda joined MHYC in 1999 becoming my very first hire (and only our 2nd employee) at a time when the Corps needed rejuvenation in order to thrive as it is today. For her tireless investment in the Corps that has reached over 1,000 youth during her tenure, MHYC honored Shanda in 2007 with its prestigious ‘Expanding Horizons’ award. What a joy it’s been to work with Shanda and what an asset she’s been for the agency. With gratitude for her commitment to young people, her integrity, creativity and leadership, we thank Shanda and we wish her all the best in her new endeavor.

– Kelly Causey, Executive Director

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