YouthBuild is Up and Running!

Last Friday, at our monthly all Corps Community Meeting, it was evident that the newest class of YouthBuild is in full swing. After completing a month-long orientation, Mental Toughness, 35 new YouthBuild Corpsmembers officially began their term with Mile High Youth Corps.

On Friday they completed one of their first assignments as a crew: elect members to represent YouthBuild on the Leadership Council. The purpose of the Leadership Council is to: foster a spirit of cooperation and positive Corps culture among Corpsmembers and staff; promote and encourage activities for the best interest of the program; develop good citizens and leaders through experience in governance; provide a means for Corpsmember expression; and encourage Corpsmember involvement.

Fifteen Corpsmembers gave speeches to their peers vying for one of eight spots available for the Leadership Council. Regardless of who is chosen for the Leadership Council, all fifteen Corpsmembers demonstrated their leadership skills.

Some highlights from the speeches:

– Chris shared that he has a great ability to relate to others.
– Marc shared that he is a good listener and wants to be role model.
– Sazian shared that he would be an ambassador for YouthBuild.
– Alanis shared that she has great interpersonal skills and wants the challenge of being on the Council.
– Lyndo shared that he would encourage others to be successful.
– Robbie shared that he would put others before himself.
– Pedro shared that he may be quiet but has a strong voice.
– Ernest shared that he wants to be the change.
– Luciano shared that people have, and can, depend on him.
– Simone shared that she has a passion for doing what is right.
– Jody shared that he wants to be one of many voices that represent YouthBuild.
– Fred shared that helping others will help him too.
– Joe shared that he is excited to be a part of a movement.
– Chris shared that he doesn’t judge others.
– Manny shared that he would lead with the heart.

– Alexandra


2 thoughts on “YouthBuild is Up and Running!

  1. For those not familiar with YouthBuild, and Mile High Youth Corps, jargon. The YouthBuild program is divided into two teams: artisans and mechanics. It doesn’t take long before a friendly rivalry begins!

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