Join The Water Saving Team!

How many ways can you think of to use water? Ice cubes in your soda on a hot day? Swimming in a pool? Taking a shower? …. Flushing it down the toilet?!?? Believe it or not, we flush more water than we drink. An older toilet can use over three gallons of water with each flush. No matter how many people are living in your home or using your toilet, if you don’t have a High Efficiency Toilet (HET), a lot of water is going straight down the ‘old porcelain throne. But here at Mile High Youth Corps, we’re working to change that with our dedicated and impressive water crew. Not only does the water crew replace water guzzling old toilets with shiny new HETs, they also install new water-saving sink aerators on kitchen and bathroom faucets and high efficiency showerheads.

You may wonder how much water a small crew of 18- 24 year-olds can really save. Well, wonder no more because the numbers are in and they are nothing short of incredible!

Since the program began in 2006, the Mile High Youth Corps Water Crew has installed 11,504 aerators, 5,343 showerheads and a shocking 5,473 HETs! While those numbers can be hard to grasp, think about this, with all those water-saving installations, we conserved 118,275,353 gallons of water! That’s the equivalence of the water it would take to fill over 182 Olympic size swimming pools!

Wondering how much water your toilet uses? The math is simple; all you need is a measuring tape and a calculator! The equation is the length of the tank of your toilet multiplied by the width of the tank multiplied by the depth multiplied by .00433.
Follow these steps:
• First remove the lid to the tank of your toilet. Measure from the left side of the tank to the right side of the tank. Write down this number (your number should be around 16 inches).
• Next measure the width of the tank from the wall toward your body. Write down this number.
• Now this is the trickiest step because you’re not simply measuring the depth of the tank, you’re measuring the water in the tank. Insert the measuring tape along the back of the tank, into the water until it touches the bottom of the tank. Note where the water reaches on the measuring tape. Now flush the toilet. Before the tank starts to refill note where the water was when the toilet was finished flushing and subtract this number from the number of where the water was before the toilet was flushed. For example, if your water reached the ten inch mark before flushed and after flushed was at the two inch mark, your number is eight.
• Now multiple these three numbers together and then multiple your final number by .00433 and your answer is the number in gallons of water your toilet uses with each flush. For example, if the length of my toilet is 16 inches, the width is 6 inches and the depth is 8 inches, my equation would be
16 x 6 x 8 x 0.00433 = 3.3 gallons of water per flush!

The toilets we install use only one gallon of water per flush!
For water saving tips click here!

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