Welcome 2010 Corpsmembers!

Mile High Youth Corps’ (MHYC) Headquarter office is alive and buzzing with the pitter patter of 36 new pairs of feet, the whispers of friendships blooming and the excitement of terms of service beginning. On Monday we opened our door to over thirty new Corpsmembers for our Energy, Water and AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation (ACLC) crews.

The new Corpsmembers have been busy filling out paperwork, getting to know each other and learning about life on the MHYC team. As their terms begin, we try and provide them a good overview of the type of service they’ll experience over the next five or ten months and also introduce them to life as a Corpsmember. And life as a Corpsmember takes some adjustment; it’s learning a new language fitted with acronyms, it’s gaining and giving trust to strangers, it’s turning those strangers into teammates and eventually friends.

This morning Tom facilitated a trust activity with the ACLCs that left us with sweaty palms and bitten nails. Ingredients included one blindfolded, shoeless Corpsmember, one Corpsmember to give directions, a path covered in set mousetraps and the fresh trust between the two Corpsmembers. While the other ACLCs anxiously looked on (squealing all the while), Michael led Brendan through the maze of traps by giving only verbal guidance. As they continue into their term these two, along with the rest of the ACLCs, will undoubtedly find themselves in situations where the key elements used to successfully complete the mousetrap maze will be essential.

The ACLC and Energy crews will continue with orientation throughout next week while the Water crew will head out into the community and start saving water by installing High Efficiency Toilets.

As they complete their first week at MHYC, the new Corpsmembers have only a small taste of the savory feast of a term of service ahead of them. But their mouths are watering, and they look hungry.


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