One Bulb Down…

Energy Corpsmember Sam Winter installs an energy-saving light bulb.

One bulb down, 29,999 to go. After two weeks of orientation and training, the new energy Corpsmembers and ACLCs started the Energy Project last Tuesday. With brand-new uniforms, bright faces and cheerful smiles, twenty-four of MHYC’s newest ‘Best and Brightest’ began their year of making an impact in the Denver community, one CFL at a time. The new bulbs, known as compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs – which use 75% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb – are slated to be installed in over 5,000 single-and-multi-family homes in the Denver metro area. Last year alone, the CFLs saved clients over $125,000 collectively over the span of the bulbs’ lives. This year, with the energy project expanding, that figure is certain to increase. And the impact on the energy bills of low-income families (not to mention the environment!) will be substantial.

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