It’s Service Time

Mile High Youth Corps looks for many qualities in their Corpsmembers: leadership, strong work ethic, commitment…. But song writing skills? Performance talent? Stage presence? Did we hire the next wave of conservation crew members or pop culture’s next big thing?

While the charisma of celebrity may not be a key factor in the application or hiring process at MHYC, with this year’s AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation (ACLC) crew members, it’s part of the package.

Once a month all MHYC staff and Corpsmembers gather together for a “Community Meeting” where announcements are made, appreciations are given and each program presents their “highs and lows” of the month. About a week before each Community Meeting a certain crew or program is assigned the task of creating an opener or closer for the meeting meant to engage the entire MHYC family. And while it can be an intimidating task to get in front of all staff and Corpsmembers, this year’s ACLC crew closed out our last Community Meeting with a bang. Having just barely made it through their two week orientation, they stood before us with confidence and swagger.

So without further ado, the 2010 AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation Corpsmembers present to you their original hit single, “It’s Service Time”….
(Because of the loud uproar of audience hollers and applause some of the lyrics may be a bit difficult to hear so please see the written lyrics posted below the video.)

Awww Yeah,
That’s right team.
Team, This year were gonna do work.
You know how I know, Team?
Cause its Twenty-ten.
And Twenty-ten is the year we do work.
2009 is the year Steve and Vanessa did work, but twenty-ten is the year WE do work.
Cause everything is just right, conditions are perfect.
We are stretched and limber,
Mile high uniforms never looked so good…..
Conditions are perfect…

You gather us on the Mezz and tell us something like, “you got a full year ahead of you, its going to be a lot of hard work.”
I know what you’re trying to say! You’re trying to say it’s service time.

It’s Service. It’s Service time. That’s what you’re trying to say you’re tying to say lets get down to service. It’s service time.

It’s Service. It’s Service time.

Next Thing you know were in the pizza hut parking lot legs locked competing…
That’s all part of it. That’s team building.
Then were on the Mezz watching Planet Earth.
That’s not part of it but it’s still very important.
Then were in the tank sittin in the hot seat and navigating our way through mousetraps.
We never looked better.
Oh, team building exercise twenty-ten!

Oh, you know what you signed up for, 10 months of…
Taking out toilets and swapping light bulbs
Cutting trails and swinging saws
Oh you say you got a big dog? Let me check with my crew leader first.
Next thing you know were in our boots, you know when were in our boots it’s time for service. It’s service time.

It’s Service.
It’s Service Time!
You know when I’m in my boots it’s time for service that’s why they call them service boots.

It’s service.
It’s service time.

doing work.
Doing work for 10.
Doing work for 10 months.
When it’s with us you only need 10 months, cause were so intense.
10 months of service is better than 1 month of service.
You say something like, “Is that it?” I know what you’re trying to say, “Aww yeah, that’s it.”
Then you tell us you want us for another term. Well frankly were not surprised.

It’s service.
It’s service time.
Orientation is over! Baby!

It’s service.
It’s service time.

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