The Stuff of Legends

There are those that seek glory. Those that valiantly overcome insurmountable odds and pass into the annals of myth. Few have dared to venture to this mystical land where young people become heroes and their deeds become the basis of legend. Someday children will hear from their elders about a group of courageous young men and women who gambled their lives to save the world.

For the young men and women that execute the duties of the Energy Conservation program, there are tasks that must be completed. Lightbulbs, showerheads, aerators, and client education. Every Corpsmember has crafted an elevator speech designed to effectively communicate the goals and procedures of this team, this brotherhood, and this sisterhood of the traveling BDU’s.

But beneath the surface of the green t-shirt and under the shiny badges is the true story of the ACLC/Energy crew. Everyone has seen the pictures of Corpsmembers installing light bulbs, but no one… until now… has dared to reveal the secret inner-workings of this society.

Days on the Energy crew begin by scrolling over tool checklists and restocking bins. This simple assignment is not for the faint of heart. Paper and cardboard cuts are a reality as well as a rite of passage. The staircase in the Mezz is not unlike the ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, and many a brave soul have perished on this unsteady climb in the wear house. Then Corpsmembers are sandwiched into 12 passenger vans equipped with light speed capabilities and thrust onto the unmerciful avenues of Denver. Yet this group is willing to do anything to get the job done, including diving headlong into the mud to retrieve an errant Frisbee during the ultimate lunchtime ritual.

Within the crew a deeply fostered sense of competition exists that frankly put, would cause most grown adults to crumple like an empty light bulb box. Teams forever strive for the “perfect week” of paperwork; a flawless and epic representation of precision, skill, and teamwork. Rivalries develop between teams; and Corpsmembers may even be traded for some of Mike M’s gourmet Cheese Its.

The intrepid spirit of this corps is tested everyday, and everyday these heroes enthusiastically rise to the challenge. Yesterday Jesse was witnessed doing backflips as he smashed the dumpster full of recycled boxes. Brendan F frequently leaves his sweatshirt in the van in subzero temperatures as if challenging Mother Nature to a duel. It has be rumored that Colin stood on Ben’s shoulders to form the “World’s Most Giant Corpsmember,” successfully changing a 13 Watt on a 60 foot high ceiling. Not to be outdone, Sam overcame a lethal combination of West Nile Virus, Mad Cow Disease, and Swine Flu in merely one week. And Simone demonstrates such exquisite penmanship that the Energy intake staff is oft brought to tears.

Through the dedication of this crew, it can be assured the 2010 ACLC/Energy crew will live long beyond their term of service. Never before has humankind seen the amalgamation of such a diverse crop of talent fused together to form a mega-team. This crew is, and will always, remain classy.

-Sean Ransick, Energy Corpsmember


One thought on “The Stuff of Legends

  1. Thanks to all of the contributing members of the milehighyouthcorps for the great reflections on your work. Its a lot of fun to watch the group come together and the experiences you have written about so far, these first months, have been a delight to read. Please continue to share you excellent work with the outside world. And have a great Spring in the Rockies.

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