Summer of Service Blog Series: Top Ten

10. Amazing spots. Last summer our work sites varied from Denver city parks to Pike National Forest to The Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Along with these great spots came some amazing field trips. Most notably was the Repository located on the grounds of The Rocky Mountain Arsenal where all the smuggled illegal animal products (furs, rugs, ivory, stuffed cheetah heads, etc.) that were confiscated across the United States are stored.

9. Environmental education. As part of the Summer of Service program, four hours a week are dedicated to learning about the communities and world around us. Every Corpsmember has the opportunity to give a presentation on an environmental topic that interests them and gain knowledge on things like Leave No Trace, global warming and healthy lifestyles.

8. Leadership skills. Working in a team environment gives the opportunity to step up and help lead your crew to success.

7. Technical skills. I bet you never thought you’d be a pro at using a Pulaski. Do you even know what a Pulaski is? By the end of your Summer of Service you will. Days spent in city and state parks using tools, pulling weeds, planting trees, chainsawing, building trails and rock walls will leave you with priceless outdoor technical skills.

6. Van rides. Long rides in the MHYC vans out of the city and through swerving mountainsides leave lots of time to get acquainted with your fellow Corpsmembers. Not to mention plenty of room for mix CDs and synchronized dance parties.

5. Muscles. After a hard day’s work you’ll be sore in places you didn’t know existed, but by the end of the summer you’ll have chiseled and defined muscles galore.

4. Incredible tan lines. You may not realize how much sun action you’re getting until you go to wear something other than your snazzy Mile High uniform and notice that even when your green T-Shirt is off, the sleeve and neck edges stay put.

3. Working outside. How many people do you know that can call a state park their office or use a shovel more often then their email account? Summer of Service offers the opportunity to work in some of the most beautiful areas Colorado offers. With wild life sightings a plenty (bison, bald eagles, deer, etc.), who needs a lap top or cell phone?

2. Friendship. Working eight or ten hour days in the blistering Colorado heat makes for a quick bonding experience. Inside jokes start flowing early in the Summer and secret handshakes are a common greeting.

1. The incredible taste of a gulp of water at morning break after putting down your chainsaw, taking off your chaps and helmet and wiping the sweat off your forehead. Trust me, water NEVER tasted so good.

Mile High Youth Corps is already interviewing for Summer of Service 2010 Corpsmember positions, so hurry and apply today!

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