Summer of Service Blog Series: Fainthearted Need Not Apply

There are lots of ways to spend your summer. And while sipping lemonade poolside sounds relaxing, by week two it may get a little boring. And besides, isn’t that just a little too easy?

And if a Summer of Service position with Mile High Youth Corps sounds hard, well, that’s because it is.

Hard in the best kind of way. Your days are spent outside it the hot, Colorado sun, using tools, sweating under hardhats and contributing to really changing and bettering our community.

In two and a half months you have the opportunity to gain real skills. Technical skills. People skills. Job readiness skills. It’s a lot crammed into a short amount of time, and the days go fast. You get to see real results, build friendships and trails and bridges. Use chainsaws and construct rock walls.

You come home with twigs in your hair and dirt tucked deep into the creases of your skin. You go to bed with sore arms and heavy eye lids. And then, then you wake up the next morning and do it all over again. You do it because it is challenging. You do it because you are a part of a team and without you, you know they will have to work that much harder. You do it because it feels good and because you care.

If you’re looking to spend your summer lazily floating on a raft, then don’t apply here. But if you want a challenge, a great farmer’s tan and the ability to help change Colorado for the better then we’d love to see your application come our way!

Where will you be this summer?


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