Thanks for Your Support at the 2010 Happy Hour & Silent Auction

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Mile High Youth Corps last Thursday for our Happy Hour & Silent Auction. The event was a great success, folks bid on great auction items, chatted over drinks and appetizers and Corpsmembers Brendan Michaud and Nickey Hale-Chambers gave a great speech about the top ten things they love about the corps. After polling their fellow Corpsmembers, Nickey and Brendan compiled a list of all the reasons they love working at Mile High Youth Corps. For those of you who missed it, check out what they came up with:

10. Education
The YouthBuild Corpsmembers really enjoy working in the GED classroom and even get to take a college-level class on Green Construction Practices at Red Rocks Community College where they learn about everything from saving water and energy to managing their finances better.

9. MHYC Staff
The staff at Mile High Youth Corps really encourages Corpsmembers to use our voices, think outside of the box and practice leadership skills.

8. Second Chances
MHYC focuses on our potential for the future and not on the poor decisions some of us made in the past. It’s a second chance at making a better life for ourselves, our families and our communities.

7. Community Awareness
Corpsmembers learn a lot about our community by working hands-on with many different groups. We get to improve the community’s perception of young people. Just the other day, one of the water clients receiving a new toilet shared that the crew’s professionalism and competency “filled her with hope for the future.”

6. Support
Being at the Corps is not just about a job. Staff members help us out in our personal lives with things like finding affordable housing, low-cost health insurance and day care. They make sure we’re prepared for our next step, whether that’s going to school, an apprenticeship or starting our careers.

5. Scholarship Money
All Corpsmembers who complete their terms with MHYC receive an AmeriCorps Education Award that we can use toward higher education.

4. Diversity
The diversity of the crews at MHYC makes each day fun, interesting and allows us all to learn about ourselves. It’s amazing how many different backgrounds come together to rally around one common goal.

3. Client Interaction
The Energy and Water Conservation Corpsmembers get to interact with community members on a daily basis. So far this year, over 1,000 homes have been retrofitted. Interacting with these clients has been incredible and eye-opening; we’ve gotten the chance to learn more about ourselves and the people who live in our communities.

2. Personal Growth
Working at Mile High Youth Corps really pushes you out of your comfort zone; you’re constantly encouraged to try new things. It’s such a safe environment for growth.

1. Service
We love giving back to the community. In our positions as Corpsmembers at MHYC, we get to make a difference everyday. In one year alone, the Water and Energy Conservation Programs saved over one billion gallons of water and conserved over 800,000 kilowatt hours of energy, The YouthBuild Corpsmembers built 89 affordable housing units and our Land Conservation crews worked on over ten miles of hiking trails and removed over 470 acres of invasive species.

So there you have it, straight from two of the 2010 MHYC Corpsmembers. Thanks for your support this year at the Happy Hour & Silent Auction – you helped make all this possible! We hope to see you next year!

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