MHYC Gone Dark

Bob Ridgeway – the man, the myth, the legend – rallied his troops yesterday for…(insert doomsday music here)…EVACUATION. Because today, is the day, We. Go. Dark.

In layman’s terms this means we’re moving out of our headquarters building for a couple months while it gets a (much needed) makeover. It means all of our headquarter phone lines will be directed to our other building and our internet will be down for a day or two.

But for Bob, Director of Operations, this relocation means enlisting our Corpsmembers to deploy our warehouse goods to our new cantonment down at 7th Avenue and Canosa Court. It means the detailed planning and implementation of a mass departure, a migration of computers, tools, equipment and bodies due south.

Because anyone that knows Bob – or has ever spoken to him for more than five minutes – knows that he has a way of speaking about everyday situations in terms fit for the best suited legion. A regular Friday afternoon spent doing logistic support with Bob translates to an arduous obstacle course full of hurdles possible for only the bravest of men and women. Which is why Bob assembled a posse made up of our finest Corpsmembers to help make the move to our new location smooth and problem free.

So, without further ado, we say goodbye to the old Mile High Youth Corps headquarters building. We bid farewell to the thick, foul liquid that drips from the ceilings. We give a grand send-off to the place of so many community meetings and debriefs: our beloved mezzanine. Adios crowded offices! Au revoir smelly kitchen! Auf weidersehen collapsing ceilings!

We salute our Commander in Chief, Mr. Robert Ridgeway, and all his hard-working determined soldiers that made this evacuation possible.

-Vanessa Notman, Outreach Alumni Mentor


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