Summer of Service Starts Today

AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation Corpsmembers anxiously wait to meet the new Summer of Service Corpsmebmers.

They aren’t yet decked in their cargo pants and green T-shirts. They haven’t yet felt the feeling of dirt-coated skin after a trail well built. They have yet to feel the deep slumber after a day of bucking and limbing with their chain saws.

They are bright-eyed and ready. They are the 2010 Summer of Service Corpsmembers and today is the day they begin what may quite possibly be the hardest summer of their lives.

Corpsmembers gather for name games and ice breakers.

They will soon know the feeling of sunscreen mixed with dirt mixed with woodchips coating the backs of their necks, their arms, their faces. They will get familiar with sweaty bandanas tucked under hard hats. They will learn the language of Mile High Youth Corps – they will soon be fluent in acronyms and tools and trail terms.

Today 46 strangers walked through our doors and in two and a half months they will leave as friends with stories and inside jokes and a summer well spent tucked deep in their dirty, cargo pockets.


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