The Adventures of Ron and Van: Tales from the Field

Last summer we found ourselves behind hard hats, this summer we sit behind computers. Last summer our biceps were sore after ten hour days spent in the sun dragging around huge tree branches, this summer our eyes are sore from computer screens and so many emails. Last summer we conquered Russian Olive trees with chain saws, this summer we conquer attendance lists and stacks of applications.

For Roni and I, last summer was spent out in the field on Mile High Youth Corps’ Trailblazer crew while this summer we find ourselves behind the scenes working keyboards rather than chain saws. And while there are certainly benefits to both kinds of work, lately we’ve been itching to get back to our roots.

And so was born: The Adventures of Ron and Van: Tales from the Field. Every Wednesday we’ll be out visiting the different Summer of Service crews to take photos and videos and get a small taste of the life of land conservation.

So yesterday, we ditched our laptops, hopped in the car, rolled down the windows, turned up the music and set out for our first adventure. After a pit stop at the charming Eldorado Corner Market for coffee and falling in love with the quaint street leading up to Eldorado Canyon State Park, we found ourselves surrounded by beautiful red canyons and next to a rushing river.

This is where we caught up with the Rockclimber crew who were busy building a trail to help create better access to the beautiful campsites there.

Next we darted over to Wheatridge to spend a little time with the Pathfinder crew who were working hard beautifying a park.

Stay tuned for weekly stories of our escapades out in the field.

-Vanessa Notman, Outreach Alumni Mentor


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