Climbing to the Top

Last week the Rockclimber Crew found ourselves in Eldorado Canyon State Park, with its steep rocky canyon wall and curving creek, it made for great scenery to work alongside.

In this wounded world of firs, rocks and water we worked on two paths and started on a staircase connecting some of the well-traveled picnic areas by the visitors center. This was our first week working as a group and many of us had never built tails before or even worked with many of the tools, but there is no better way to learn than by doing so we did and dug.

On the first day of my first week I questioned if I was cut out for a summer of hard work under the sun and if the tools would ever get lighter, but as the week went on and my sore muscles seem to get better, and the tools got lighter I found that in the simple act of removing dirt, welling it away and going to dig up more, I was really happy with my decision to work outside all summer — it looked to be a good one and I have found a lot of great people to spend the summer days with. Rock Climber love.

-Carmen Arriaga, Summer of Service Rockclimber Corpsmember


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