Energy Crew Winds Down

What a wind down it has been – it has been a blast going into single families for the Energy Conservation crew of Corpsmembers. Being in teams of two and giving up to seven houses a day energy audits.

In these homes, we installed digital thermostats, helped reduce water being used in homes by changing sink aerators on kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and installing new showerheads.

We installed any where between 1 to 41 high-efficiency light bulbs in each household. Climbing in client’s attics, we checked for installation to see if there is enough to keep them warm for the winter season. Sometimes we would put on a tyvex suit to crawl into awesome crawl spaces to check for the furnace efficiency range which are 70-80-90. Most importantly, we gave the clients information about how to save water and money on there Xcel energy bill.

-Brenden Fresquez, Energy Conservation Corpsmember

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