The Adventures of Ron and Van (+ Steve): Tales from the Field, Headed Home

The comfort that you find in a place that is so familiar that even when you return after not being there for nine months is a rare one. The Rocky Mountain Arsenal was home to the three of us for the majority of last summer. We got to know every inch of the arsenal, the animals that frequented different sites, the staff that worked there, and the planes that flew over it. There were some days when I felt that I spent more time at the Arsenal than I did at my actual house! The end of the summer brought a bittersweet feeling as we drove away for the last time.

Today when we drove up to the front gate at the Arsenal, we were extremely pleased to discover that everything was as we had remembered. It seemed like we were being welcomed home with open arms—the birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and the wildlife was out roaming. After a quick stop at the Visitor Center to do a Stretch Circle to begin our day, we headed out to see the TrailBlazer crew. They were a ways out in the Arsenal, so after a beautiful drive with tons of wildlife spottings we finally reached the crew. The TrailBlazers were busy cutting away at the invasive species of trees, Russian Olive trees. Last week they cut down over 800 trees and today it seemed as though they were well on the way to surpassing that number this week.

After sharing a Popsicle with the TrailBlazers, we headed over to the PathFinder and RockClimber crews. These two crews were hard at work near the water pulling an invasive species of weeds. This was a bit of a change from their tasks that they were completing last week, a bit more tedious, but they were certainly covering major amounts of ground removing these weeds. I was able to catch up with a few of the corpsmembers during the visit and see how they were settling in to the routine at MHYC.

The second week out on the job sites for the crews brought new adventures, different tasks, and fun experiences and I know the three of us were glad that we were able to take part in a portion of them!

-Veronicca Solis, Summer of Service Corpsmember


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