A Glimpse at Energy Conservation

What’s A typical day on the Energy Conservation squad at the Mile High Youth Corps?

There is no typical day in the corps, here at Mile High Youth Corps, or MHYC, there are too many programs going on at once to not keep everyone interested. Every day is a new experience to portray an individual’s ability to exemplify the high standards set by MHYC by either spreading the word through personal interaction and education or through crafting an “energy kit” to be sent to some person’s house too far outside our physical reach. MHYC employs the brightest, most hard working individuals who are looking to make an impact in everyday lives that build up the greater Colorado community.

Making a Difference!

On the Energy team, changing just a few incandescent light bulbs from the old standard of 65 watt light bulbs for newer technologically advanced compact fluorescent light bulbs can make a marked difference that begins to add up. If every home in all of Denver changed just a single light bulb, we could save almost a million dollars every year. Many times we come across individuals who do not even know where their water heater in their own homes is, let alone ever checks the temperature. This is one of the many items we do during a retrofit – we verify and adjust energy consumption levels so that we may all live comfortably but waste less energy and water.

Click here and check out some staggering numbers about energy conservation.

Typical Nine to Five?

Of course not, seeing as we get out of work at four in the afternoon, which leaves ample time left in the day to enjoy the world that we’ve made greener with energy efficiency measures. Out in the field a usual lunch break is leisurely convened in one of the numerous lush Denver parks. As illustrious Conservation Alumni Mentor Steve Lynch eloquently puts it in explaining his job, “I don’t have bad days.” The seasons may change quickly but the benefits can be enjoyed a lifetime.

-Mat Chung, Energy Conservation Corpsmember

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