Gatekeepers at Golden Gate

The Gatekeeper crew just began their third hitch — they’re up at Golden Gate State Park where they’re building trails and camping out for five ten-day spans this summer. Here each Corpsmember and their Crewleader share their favorite part of the summer so far.

Erik Vande Stowe: Building a rock wall.

Sophie Calandros-Savoie:
Forming friendships.

Jeri Ho: Seeing the stunning views from the bluffs and the stars at night.

Mike Colson: Ice cream visits from staff members.

Bryan Trasvina: Being outdoors.

Eric Lohmeier: Home cooked meals every night… I’m eating better here than I ever did at home. The best meal so far was the cheese and chocolate fondue.

Mike Mullaley: Cutting down trees everyday.

Heather Curry: Food! We had chili one night that was so awesome.

Nicole Hurd: Seeing a hummingbird.

Sierra Lammers: Meeting everyone and hanging out, we have a really good group dynamic.

Crewleader John Ivey: Seeing the potential of the youth corps phenomenon.

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