Photos from the Field

Us office folks here at Mile High Youth Corps don’t see too much of our Summer of Service Camping crews. They’re here on the first day of their hitch gearing up for ten days out in the field — packing up tools and food, tents and stuffed backpacks — and then their off, out into the great, Colorado outdoors.

Our Hayman crew, the rough and tough sawyer camping crew, is up in the mountains doing forest health management with watershed improvement through fuel mitigation and sustainable trail construction surrounding the Hayman burn area. That’s a mouthful, and while the details of their work might be tough to say, their work in the Pike National Forest is even more demanding.

AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation Corpsmember Stephanie Stocking was kind enough to take some snapshots of life out in the field for the 2010 Summer of Service Hayman Crew so that us back here in Denver, sitting behind computer screens and spreadsheets, can get a taste, however small, of the exciting summer of manning chain saws, building trails and camping for ten-day stretches.

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