Rock Work 101

So, on Tuseday, July 13th, me and Juan ended up doing rock work. What we did was dig an in-slope – where you make about a 45 degree angle going in towards the trail instead of digging an angle away from the trail – on the critical edge so we could fit the rocks we used to fill the gaps behind the rocks.

After we got the in-slope accomplished, we had to figure out how to look at the rocks and connect the two so there was no gap and looked natural from the front. On the back, it’s ok for there to be a gap because we can always fill the hole with rocks.

When you are doing rock work you need a really good idea on how the rocks are shaped and how they will fit – it’s like a big puzzle where all the pieces don’t fit perfectly together but, with a little work, they fit.

After we got a good idea of how the rocks would fit together and how they would sit in the in-slope we did a controlled roll down the hill. What a controlled roll is, is when you roll the rock down a hill but you control it, as in you roll the rock downhill and stop it from getting out of control and picking up speed. You put all your body weight on it after the flip and it stops the roll.

We rolled the rocks down the hill and to the in-slope. When we got them there, we had to use rock bars to adjust how the rocks would fit together and get kicker rocks behind the rock and under it so their was room to put rock fill in behind and under the rock so it will stay in the same place for a long period of time. We also put rock fill in so that when it rains and it freezes (since water expands when frozen) it will have less chance of destroying the trail and knocking the rocks outta place.

After we put the kicker rocks we put the rock fill in and covered them with dirt so it looked like the trail formed on top of it. We tamped the ground down and put some duff on the edge. Duff is the top layer of pine’s and black dirt that is on top of the mineral soil. After we sprinkled the duff, we were done. It took a lot of hard work but after we could see the before and after, and it looked amazing. Looks as if it has been there for years and will last for years too come.

-Delfino Tolentino, Pathfinders Summer of Service Corpsmember


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