From Field to Office

Last Summer Roni found herself in a forest of Russian Olive Trees.

Last summer: chain saws. This summer: chain emails.
Last summer: member of a crew. This summer: member of an office.
Last summer: passenger seat in vans. This summer: driver seat in Aveos.
Last summer: Vanessa and Steve. This summer: Vanessa and Steve.
Last summer: leather work boots. This summer: computer reboots.
Last summer: cuts from Russian Olive thorns. This summer: cuts from paper.
Last summer: A*C (AmeriCorps). This summer: AC (air conditioning)
Last summer: Katie. This summer: Christy.
Last summer: wood chipper. This summer: paper shredder.

This Summer Roni finds herself in a forest of paper work.

The differences between my two summers at MHYC are clear. Last summer I was a member of the TrailBlazer crew, and spent my time helping to remove an invasive species of trees. This summer I came back as a support corpsmember in the office. Both positions offered their unique challenges and learning opportunities which have helped me to develop various skills and continue to grow as a person.

Working in the office this year has given me a better idea of what MHYC as an agency is really about, as well as the amount of work that goes in behind the scenes to make the Summer of Service Program happen. I have my office duties, as well as my field duties. So I am not in the office behind a desk all day, I also get to interact with Corpsmembers here at Canosa in the mornings as well as out in the field. I do weekly site visits to the crews, taking pictures, flip videos, and bring them treats. In the office, I have done everything from payroll to preparing for orientation to hiring for our fall crews.

Last Summer Roni took a moment to bond with fellow Summer of Service Trailblazer Corpsmembers.

My second term of service at MHYC has been an awesome way to spend my summer. I am not only back working at a place that I love and have gained so much from, but also getting new experiences and gaining a whole new skill set.

-Veronicca Solis, 2010 Summer of Service Support Corpsmember

This Summer Roni took a moment to check out the amazing view while visiting the Hayman Camping Crew in Pike National Forest with Alumni Mentors Steve and Vanessa.

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