Life Thus Far on the Energy Crew

So I’m finally dishin’ this blog out, but hey, two String Cheese Incident shows down, one to go – it’s been a busy weekend! Maybe my work ethic/integrity hasn’t improved much (yet) but my environmental awareness has become very prevalent in my day to day life. From the get-go, this job in Mile High Youth Corps’ Energy Conservation Program felt important, like there was the potential for great change, hopefully some eventual revision of old institutions, old ideas and ways of life. At the same time, I hope for a revert to the old ways of the Anasazi and other Native Americans, the first environmentalists.

First off, there were at least two times when I was training in the warehouse that I thought of buzzin’ off my dreads – so hot! But there’s been so many payoffs for the heat. Apparently Bob doesn’t usually train, so we were lucky. After going over every aspect of CFLs (compact florescent light bulbs) and drugs, dogs and guns, we got to see a presentation put together by a nice man from Denver Water. He seemed up-front and transparent and I learned a lot and feel good about the state of our state’s water.

Richard, Becky, Jesse, Becca, Jovanna, Bill, Kelly, Rueben — you all rock. And if I didn’t list you, you still rock. All the leaders, seniors and returning Corpsmembers have been so accommodating, which has made the intake of knowledge multifaceted and from all sides. You’ve all done so much and I’m sure you’re role models to many.

Once we got our MHYC uniforms, we also got down to business. Canvassing that is. Getting out there and actually doing things has been sweet, but the real reward is around the bend once we begin energy retrofits in low-income homes and nonprofit organizations. Canvassing has also served as great one-on-one times with my fellow Energy Conservation Corpsmembers. The movie “Flow” that we watched was awesome, and I want to show it to everyone I know. “Water Canyon” was also very sick. Hope everyone’s doing well, can’t wait to see what’s next.


-Levi Dueter, Energy Conservation Corpsmember

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