Energy Rap

I’m with MHYC,
A nonprofit organization that means everything is free.

And a lot of people are kinda reluctant,
Do me a favor just sign up and say you did it for me.

Cuz I’m harmless, just trying to save energy,
I’m with a Spanish speaker she said: “This isn’t my home I live with my Tia.”

So this is what we did:
Smiled, spoke Spanish and gave her client ed.

I try and keep my cool when things go wrong,
But I remember I’m saving energy, that’s why I smile in every home.

But most times things go good again and again,
And if you wanna show your gratitude, just send a letter in.

Making things better in the world,
Working with the elderly and veterans.

And after that I go to school but look forward to me at your door,
With my ladder and my suit in my boots, ya dig?!

-Mike Dempsey, Energy Corpsmember


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