From the City to the Mountains

“It’s funny how music puts time into perspective. Add a soundtrack to your life to perfect it. Wherever you are, feel the flow, keep walkin and we can’t get far. Wherever you are.” –Nujabes, Japanese hip-hop producer and DJ

Sitting on top of the hills watching the sunset really seems to put the world you view in another perspective. Living in the city and being a city kid all my life, I’ve seemed to take many things in life for granted. I’ve never taken the time to take a deep breath, take time to admire the sunrise… the sunset… the little things.

Being up in the mountains for two weeks makes you really take into consideration all the simple things that you look past. You have a deeper gratification for the beauty of nature all the way to the city life that you’ve left behind… your friends, family, and even personal views.

It’s a nice change to be around people that seem to have the same goals and aspirations when it comes to wanting to make a change to the world around you. Recycling has never really been a big issue when in the city but being out in nature makes you see how beautiful the “real” world is. You notice things you’ve never noticed before… for instance, not many people have seen or can even identify the state flower, me being one of those individuals until now…

-Eric Lohmeier, Summer of Service Gatekeeper Corpsmember


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