Blips from Richard on Energy Conservation

Crossing Ts and Dotting Is

Project abstract: New term. New crew. Energized (emphasis mine) by the novelty of the green collar trade and the intrigue of unwitting companions, the Energy Corpsmembers and their revitalized Crew Leaders commenced their latest journey–a 5-month term in the Energy Conservation program.

New Energy Corpsmembers get to know each other during orientation

Birth Pangs of Progress

From a Crew Leader perspective, the newcomers, seemingly soft-spoken and reserved, have already exhibited a laudable degree of leadership and attentiveness that has exceeded our inchoate expectations. In tact and with stable vitals, our Energy Crew successfully endured a litany of protracted trainings, toilsome canvassing routes and anxiety-laden audits–not to mention persnickety, demanding paperwork virtuosos (see Bill Cleary, Richard Price). Their growth has been nothing short of impressive. I look forward to witnessing, and hopefully, abetting the progress that has yet to unfold. Signing off.

-Richard Price, Energy Conservation Crew Leader


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