End of Summer BBQ

Today the whole MHYC gang – and we mean the WHOLE gang including MHYC CO Springs Crews, Summer of Service Crews, Water and Energy Conservation Crews, staff members, family, friends and MHYC supporters – gathered at a Denver park for the annual end of Summer BBQ.

Every year the crews compete in the MHYC Olympics, with games ranging from tug-o-war to flag creation, to see which crew can take the trophy and the honor of being The MHYC Olympic Champions.

After a heated battle, the Trailblazer Crew (Denver’s Day Sawyer Crew) stole the show and was given the honor of adding their name to the MHYC Olympics trophy.

Each Summer of Service Crew also put on a skit to showcase their amazing accomplishments including trail building, invasive specie removal, sawyer work, rock wall building and so much more.

We’re all lucky to be a part of an organization that works hard conserving our natural spaces and resources and still makes time for fun.


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