Energy, the Crew I Love the Most

I have heard about the land crew,
the water crew changing the toilets in some low income homes
but I have not learned from the energy crew,
too bad it’s the crew I love the most.

Me (right) with my friend and fellow Energy Corpsmember Carla

I head that without energy you can’t stand,
canvass the neighborhood street,
check the tools or change the light bulbs,
when I heard this I couldn’t hold my heart but shout — ENERGY!

My friends, today we are here,
we are here because we were chosen to represent MHYC for the next five months –
the day is coming when some of us will be the next MHYC staff members,
never give up in everything you do till you get your hearts desire.

As they say,
take time to work, it is the price of success,
take time to meditate, it is the price of power,
take time to pray, it is the secret to perpetual youth,
take time to read, it is the way to knowledge,
take time to be friendly, it is the road to success,
take time to love and be loved!!!

We are young,
we live to see MHYC go forward and if we don’t see it go forward,
you better believe we will be there to raise it, this is our chance and it’s our chance to shine!!!

-Miere Mbui, Energy Conservation Corpsmember


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