Things of Which I will Dearly miss from Summer of Service 2010 (HAYMAN!)

-The absolutely satisfying and distinctive “thunk” of a freshly cut tree careening onto the ground. Conversely, hearing “tree falling!” in the distance and waiting for the “thunk” is quite amusing. While the silence ensues, the assumption is made: tree is stubborn.

-Tristan animatedly singing along with tegan & sara’s “the con” while chaffeuring us around. Fearless leader, indeed.

-Richard, our fill-in project sponsor, who was one of the most welcoming and friendly people I’ve ever met. He had a plethora of information and stories about anything you could think of and was so supportive of everything we were doing. An all-around great person who made us all smile whenever we were around him. And he was impressed with my tractor driving skills.

-The bustling metropolis known as Deckers. It had everything we could ever wish for: ice cream, breakfast burritos, flush toilets, gaggles of hummingbirds, IBC rootbeer and a fly fishing shop.

-The landscape of our campground littered with soaked sleeping bags, tents, and socks after a torrential summer hail storm. Our spirits were never dampened!

-Our loyal, hardworking companions (chainsaws) for the summer that only sometimes refused to cooperate: Ursula, Dory, Lorraine, Eleanor, Mallory. We kept them looking pretty and sharp while they repaid us with hours of chomping through Ponderosas, Firs and Lodgepoles.

-The smorgasbord that occurred every Wednesday evening, the night before we packed up and headed back to the city. Never have any of us eaten such rich, delectable varieties of food, such as French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Fried Onions, Grilled Cheese, Pancakes, Eggs and Mashed Potatoes. Indigestion is for the weak. We are all now equipped with stomachs of steel.

-The ever-debatable movie game that kept us somewhat entertained (and raised our blood pressure) during the building of the dirt bike trail by Rampart Range rd. Truces sometimes abated growing arguments…let’s move on.


-Achieving moments of clarity and contentment during particularly rough, sweaty days just by taking a moment to stop and soak in the views of what surrounded us.

-My small, comfortable tent that came to be my sanctuary during the summer. Many nights were spent listening to the rain, pondering life and hoping that the creature walking around outside wasn’t about to eat me. Those squirrels can be intimidating.

-Chainsawing. ‘nuff said.

-Watching the Hayman crew as a whole evolve into a cohesive family. Full of a variety of characters and sometimes dysfunctional, but always finding ways to make each other laugh.

-Tristan, Cian, Chris, Alex, Karly, Marge, Jon. Thanks for the hard work and great summer! Nilanjana and Andrew, I will miss you guys after December. 🙂

Thing not missed:

– Port-a-potty. Your odorous personality wafted into our kitchen area a few too many times. I bid thee adieu!

-Stephanie Stocking, AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation Corpsmember


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