From the South…

The Colorado Springs youth Corps merged with Mile High Youth Corps last summer. Despite the distance (exactly 69 miles) we make a great team. Check out our “From the South…” blogs starting today to find out what’s up down here!

Currently our Fall Sawyer Crew is at Cheyenne Mountain State Park thinning oak. In an area where you can find 2,400-4,000 stems of scrub oak per acre-they sure have their hands full!

Matt (below) enjoys this project because he can shower everyday! An uncommon luxury the crew is appreciating. The proximity of the park to Colorado Springs makes the customary camping unnecessary.

Matt also worked on the Day Crew in the past; he enjoys the opportunities to travel that being a crewmember provides and of course-being outside!

Unfortunately he does not appreciate the chores and dishes-but hey you’ve got dishes at home too, right?

Matt says work can sometimes move a bit slow because of the crew size, but he is surprised at how well everyone gets along. Good dynamic to have when you are working with chainsaws!

-Sylvia Sedrak, MHYC CO Springs Vista


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