Mental Toughness

On Monday a new crew of potential YouthBuild Corpsmembers will come to MHYC for “Mental Toughness.” Below, Alanis Chambers a 2010 YouthBuild graduate and current YouthBuild Alumni Mentor explains what Mental Toughness is, how it works and what makes a good YouthBuild Corpsmember.

“Mental toughness is the month before the program begins. It is to get you mental and physically ready for the program.

My 1st impression of mental toughness was that they expected a lot from us. But in reality what they expected of us were things that are too be expected from good candidates.

We did things like taking tests to get us ready for the G.E.D. test, work with and learn about hand tools and how to build with them, and teambuilding games to learn and gain each others respect and trust.

Motivation and having an open mind makes a successful YouthBuild Corpsmember here at MHYC. Staying focused and doing what is expected of you will get you from being a part of Mental Toughness to being an official YouthBuild Corpsmember.”

We’re excited to see this new group of young people enter MHYC and look forward to their future accomplishments and contributions.

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