MHYC Gets Sneak Peek at Colorado’s Newest State Park

On Tuesday, MHYC’s TrailBlazer crew got a sneak peek at Colorado’s newest State Park. Staunton State Park, nestled in the mountains south of Denver, is a beautiful haven for coyotes, mule deer and mountain lions. Set to open in 2012, the park’s access to spectacular vistas and idyllic rock faces make it a top destination for hikers and rock climbers.

The Trailblazers were working at the site of a future backcountry campground, clearing standing dead pine so as to remove potential fire hazards for rock climbers camping at the foot of a massive rock face. The work was hard and dirty, but the TrailBlazers thrive on such conditions, and were able to make great progress.

The Corpsmembers even got in two raucous team-building games of ninja, and were able to enjoy beautiful views provided by the as-yet-unopened Staunton State Park. All in all, it was a great way to experience what is sure to be one of Colorado’s most beautiful parks.


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