From YouthBuild to Outreach

Hey, my name is Maurice Miller and I am 19 years old. I graduated from Mile High Youth Corps’ YouthBuild Program in the summer of 2010. I joined the program to better my education and learn new job skills.

Maurice on the YouthBuild construction site.

I applied for Mile High Youth Corps’ Outreach Corpsmember position to take more action in the community. My main task as the Outreach Corpsmember is to recruit youth for our conservation programs. Some examples of that are going to job fairs, walking around the community giving out information on MHYC or giving presentations to groups of youth. I like the Outreach Corpsmember position because of all the different people I’ve met and it is also helping out the youth. The thing I like most about MHYC is the opportunity to network and expand my job skills.

-Maurice Miller, Outreach Corpsmember


3 thoughts on “From YouthBuild to Outreach

  1. Hi Maurice & all,
    I’m a little late to this post, but I just found it through the newsletter and (great looking!) new site. I wanted to say it was great to meet you at the 9/30 Resource Fair and hope you met lots of othere ‘outreach’ folks for different agencies.

    Lots of connects were made that day–hope you made some new ones for MHYC, too.

    for the Human Services Network of Colorado

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