Summer Experience in the Springs

From the South…

Day Crew Mentor Hallie Harness took the time to share with us her thoughts on the environment and her Summer Crew experience.

Hallie feels a sense of stewardship towards the environment. At the age of ten things like climate change and El Nino made her nervous. This led her to earn a degree in Environmental Science. Unfortunately she senses that young people feel disconnected from environmental issues; she once encountered a high school student that stated that “we don’t use the environment.” Despite this, Hallie believes change can happen through education. For example, environmental science classes taught in high school. It is not just the young people who are responsible though, each person is and they can lessen the strain on the environment by using less resources and polluting less.

Check out Hallie’s answers to these questions related to the environment and Crew Mentor position:

What do you feel is the biggest environmental issue currently?
Destruction of the Rain Forest is a huge issue as they are the lungs of the planet. This is our carbon sink and in about 20 years they will be gone!

How do you feel about the world’s “blame game?” Should developing countries be as responsible for the environment as developed countries?
The United States needs to cut its use. No one can force the developing countries but they should try especially because it is to their benefit as well. An example of this is using wind turbines for local electricity instead of national gridlines.

What does “living green” mean to you?
It is attempting to do things sustainably; constantly considering the planet in the back of my mind.

Has your Crew Mentor position prepared you for the real world?
Yes! I was able to work on environmental conservation and find out how much I really love it. I was also able to practice teaching youth and gain leadership experience. The AmeriCorps scholarship is also great for my future plans.

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