Life After MHYC

Mile High Youth Corps employs around 300 young adults in temporary conservation positions each year. While these Corpsmembers learn tons of skills and knowledge in their terms of service with MHYC, you may be wondering where all those dedicated young people go once their programs come to an end. Well, we tracked down once such person while on his next big service adventure. Watch the video about Sean’s experience at MHYC and read about what he’s up to these days….

Name: Sean Ransick

Age: 23

MHYC Service: August – December 2009: Energy and Water Conservation Corpsmember, February 2010-June 2010: Energy Conservation Corpsmember

Current Position: AmeriCorps NCCC Class XVII Corpsmember—River 4 ‘Fire Team’

Greatest Accomplishment Since Leaving MHYC: Finished with the top time out of 40 applicants on the pack test (3 miles walking, 45 lb pack, under 45 minutes). Selected to serve on the first fire team for Southern Region and received Type II wildland firefighting certification.

Greatest Lesson Learned at MHYC: I learned so much during my two terms at MHYC. Most importantly I believe are the ideas of service and flexibility. I have learned the value of service and have become committed to serving directly the communities I am a part of. Whether it is personally or professionally, I feel I have a base level understanding of why service is important, and why it is crucial to be flexible. Whether it is installing a new thermostat during an energy retrofit for low income clients or facilitating a volunteer event for a local non-profit, it is necessary to approach every situation with an open mind because you never know what challenges and rewards lay around the bend.

What I Miss About MHYC: I miss my fellow Corpsmembers. I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked alongside such a diverse group of enthusiastic people. I was inspired by my teammates and motivated to show up every day to make the most out of our terms of service.

Update: I am really busy these days running around from project to project. Currently I am stationed in Memphis and at this moment in the backyard stealing a wi-fi connection from the neighbor to check my email. My life has become a vigorous rotation of meetings, travel, and intermittent sleep. Yet I cite my days in green and khaki at Mile High Youth Corps for preparing me to survive in this environment. Next time you glance up at the Rocky Mountains, tell them I miss them so.


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