Interviews with YouthBuild Corpsmembers

Hi, my name is Torrey, and a month ago I became a YouthBuilder along with 34 other people. I was able to interview five of them.

YouthBuild Corpsmembers Dustin, Polo and Niabi hanging outside of the YouthBuild office.

The first person I talked with was Harrison. I asked him how he has liked the program and what he likes about it. Harrison replied, “I like the program. It’s a lot of fun but I enjoy working in the shop a little more because I like building things.”
I asked Cody the same question and he had this to say, “I think the program is alright. I like being back in class and getting my G.E.D. and getting paid for it is pretty cool, too.”

After I talked to Cody I went to talk to Dustin. He felt this way, “I like the program because it’s helping me get my G.E.D. and money for college so I can have a better life down the road.” I agree with Dustin.

Then I went to speak with a very outspoken woman, Niabi. She told me this, “I like the program because it’s paying kids to get the education they should already have. It’s the proper type of motivation to help those who have had hard times make a positive and permanent change for their lives.” She has a good point.

I finally went to talk to lucky number five, a very positive and generous guy, Polo. He had to say this, “I don’t like this program… I love it and everything about it, from my staff to my peers. It is a place I can gain Job Readiness Training skills and further my education in many ways all because of MHYC.”

I agree fully with everything my fellow YouthBuilders have said and that MHYC is changing lives.

-Torrey Frese, YouthBuild Corpsmember


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