Rope Course with Mile High Youth Corps YouthBuild Crew

Mile High Youth Corps’ YouthBuild Corpsmembers went out on an adventure together to the ropes course up in the mountains and all came together, not just as a team but as a family, to overcome our fears.

We learned a lot about each other and ourselves, as well as our limits and how we can push through those limits. We also learned lots of teamwork and communication skills, so we can trust each other.

My personal experience is a lot different from others. I was actually scared, but once I had the support from my fellow teammates I was quick to get on the course and overcome my fear with heights.

Here are some photos that we have taken. First is Chuck and Michel working together as a team to get across the ropes.

Next is a group photo showing how we all came together as a team, more like a family.

This is one of the courses that we had to climb up a pole, and jump off to grab a trapeze, which took a lot of guts.

Last but not least we have Mike swinging on the ropes to get across to the next side. We had a lot of fun that day and it made us a better person today.

-Denver Gomez, YouthBuild Corpsmember

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