MHYC Graduation Around the Corner

On December 10th, 39 MHYC Corpsmembers will graduate, earning a combined $106,425 in AmeriCorps education awards and having contributed almost 38,500 hours of service to the Denver metro area. Meet four soon-to-be graduates and learn about their plans after graduation.

Name: Corey Brown

Age: 21

Corpsmember Position: Energy and Water Alumni Mentor

Greatest Lesson Learned at MHYC:

The greatest lesson I learned is that I have potential to do great things and be successful. This is due to the opportunities given to me and the skills and confidence I gained due to them. MHYC is truly more than a job; for that, I am grateful.

Post Graduation Plans:

After gradation, I will start as a Weatherization Technician at Veteran Green Jobs. As for long term plans, it’s a toss up: I want become a counselor or continue working in nonprofit doing some type of conservation work. The most important thing to me is that I continue to change the world a little at a time.

AmeriCorps Education Award Plans:

I plan to use my education award to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I hope to start classes this spring at CU Boulder.

Name: Annie Matouka

Age: 24

Corpsmember Position: AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation Program

Favorite Thing about MHYC:

My favorite part about the Corps has been the amazing people I’ve gotten to work with and the camaraderie we’ve developed as a crew.

Post Graduation Plans:

I’m really excited to return to Mile High Youth Corps next year as the Alumni Mentor for the programs department. After I complete my second term of service with the Corps, I hope to attend graduate school.

Name: Matthew S. Flores

Age: 19

Corpsmember Position: Energy Conservation Program

Greatest Lesson Learned at MHYC:

The greatest lesson I have learned at Mile High Youth Corps is how to interact with the community in a respectful way that best suits individual’s personalities.

Post Graduation Plans:

Next year, I plan to stay at MHYC as a Senior Corpsmember in the Energy Conservation Program. Long term, I hope to join the Denver Police Department.

Name: Dylan Miley

Age: 23

Corpsmember Position: Water Conservation Program

Greatest Lesson Learned at MHYC:

The greatest lesson I learned at Mile High Youth Corps is the value of serving and giving back to my community.

Post Graduation Plans:

My time at MHYC has opened my eyes to green-collar careers. At least for the short term, I’m interested in continuing down that path.

AmeriCorps Education Award Plans:

Thanks in part to my education award, I’ve enrolled at a local community college to become a nutritionist. I love to learn!


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