Happy Thanksgiving from Mile High Youth Corps

From Corpsmembers to Staff, we at Mile High Youth Corps are thankful. Here are some of the reasons:

• Good health, with all the health epidemics in the world right now, I realize this more than ever.
• Live music and air hockey.
• Hard work and utilitarianism.
• Co-workers!
• For the chance to work at MHYC. I am thankful to all and most importantly, my God and family.
• The chance to meet and work with such great people everyday.
• For waking up today.
• My crew and friends at MHYC.
• The laughter of children, music and reese’s peanut butter cups.
• The humor and laughter of the people around me.
• La Familia.
• My health, I don’t take it for granted!
• For my family and that I have a job to help support them.
• For my family and all the crewleaders at MHYC.
• Laughter and loved ones.
• For all that I’ve acquired at MHYC.
• My hilarious Energy Corpsmembers.
• Turkey!
• A place to stay, good health, a healthy baby and good friends.
• My family and the support they provide for me. The family that isn’t necessarily blood related but the people I meet in life that make such an impact as they force themselves forever into my unconventional idea of family.
• Words, expression, uplifting thoughts that wash away depression, sunshine, friends and family, life and living it everyday even when it SEEMS like it sucks, my car, my homes, my dog, rocks, poi, art and my creative skill, my skill with writing, my job, music (making and listening), concerts, shows, raves, festivals, mountains, hiking, camping, fishing, sleeping, dreaming, eating, animals and plants, to have the best friends I could possibly hope for grow up with me on my street and continue to be in my life, movies, books, philosophy, sociology, psychology……
• The health of myself and my family.
• Sunshine, work, water, mom and dad, best friend, warmth, food, music, the library, nice people, mountains, art, health.
• Having supportive people around me and for being alive.
• Sticky notes, brown markers and irony.
• Mile High Youth Corps!

Happy Thanksgiving from Mile High Youth Corps!


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