A Heartfelt Thank You

All of MHYC gathered on Wednesday for a Thanksgiving Potluck to show our gratitude for each other and recognize all we have to be thankful for. This same day, we received an email from the mother of a Corpsmember who wanted to tell us thank you. These are the kinds of things we at MHYC are most grateful for, these words are inspiration to us and keep us motivated to do our best everyday. Please read the email below.

A Heartfelt Thank You to the Mile High Youth Corps Staff

Although I’m thankful for each of you every day, I wanted to take a moment to thank you a bit more directly during this season of gratitude and thanks.

When I first read about Mile High Youth Corps, I got goose bumps. I couldn’t believe that someone had created a program for young adults like my own son. Work skills and a basic education – while getting paid? It was a dream come true!

In reality, your program has exceeded all my expectations. Not only are you preparing these young people for their GED and a huge variety of job skills, you’re taking them through the life skills, relationship building and money management skills that they either weren’t taught or refused to learn the first time around.

You get these kids. You understand their past, guide them into a positive, active present, and help them see the possibilities for the future. You’re tough. Understanding. Street smart. Compassionate. Aware. Respectful. Strong.

Thank you for giving each of these young people yet another chance to take hold, to make smarter, more positive decisions about their direction in life. Although it’s still an uphill battle, I see in my son wonderful glimpses of a happy, confident young man who will be ready to tackle the world in just a few months. And I know that he is only one story. I can only imagine the incredible successes you have helped create since the inception of this phenomenal program.

I can see your influence in these young people as they walk toward the classroom or job site. You can tell a Mile High Youth Corps team member, as they stand a little taller, walk a bit more confidently and purposefully, and have a ready smile. It’s obvious they are proud to be part of such an elite team.

So if you’re having a challenging day, wondering if you’re making a difference, know that you absolutely are critically important to each of these young people. And, as I often remind myself, you’re most important when they show it the least.

I sincerely thank each and every one of you for the work you do to help these young people to get back on track, to learn the job and life skills they need to be whole, confident, contributing, healthy human beings. Just think about the ripples of goodness that come from each of these corps members as they get on their feet and enhance the lives of those around them. Simply put: You’re the best!

Your greatest fan,

Kate F.


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