Poets of YouthBuild

What’s up? The name’s Hector, but people call me Mr. Garza and I am in this wonderful outreach group for people 18-24 called the Mile High Youth Corps’ YouthBuild.

Now there are two things I would say that stick out about this program, and that is the people and the poetic side of these people, my fellow Corpsmembers. Now from the first glance these people could seem goofy and not have a poetic bone in their body, but don’t be fooled, they do, and with a very beautiful and talented instructor named Noel teaching the YouthBuild, we will continue to open up and tell our poetic stories.

Here are some poems to enlighten you with

Life cannot be stopped. By Hector Garza

Life cannot be stopped
Even off a cliff it cant be dropped
It cannot be bought
Like in a gift shop
But know my life’s about hip hop
And only one chance at this shot
Is to live and get to the top

Life’s questions . By Hector Garza
Why so much pain in life? Why do we live like this?
Why is nothing ever said until it’s too late?
When is it time to make a difference?
How’s this difference going to affect me?
I want to help everybody
But who feels the same?
Why so much negativity?
I guess this is life

-Hector Garza, YouthBuild Corpsmember

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