End of Energy Term

Sitting in the reception room at Canosa I remember waiting for my first interview to be a member on the energy crew. I waited anxiously, picking off nail polish and flipping through old National Geographics that someday would be turned into collages representing “who I am” or “leadership looks like this”. In other words, I had no Idea what I was in for. When I was finally called in I was asked what service looked like to me. I thought it was kind of a funny question to ask. To me it was simply doing tasks for someone else.

After many questions, a second interview, and being almost an hour late for orientation (by mistake), I was installing thermostats and learned what being green really meant: do it yourself, do it right, if it isn’t done right do something else, and do it so others do it too. Everyday my mind was overflowing with inspiration on how I wanted to live. I wanted to someday live in a green home accredited by LEED, I wanted to participate in community building and be environmentally aware, I wanted to go to college and still keep my hands dirty. And I know with what I’ve learned in the past 5 months I will; In May 2011 I’ll be studying at Fort Lewis College with Agroecology as my major!

As for service goes, I have many memories of the clients we’ve helped financially and personally. Sure, giving people free CFLs is cool, but I watched people build bridges. I saw relationships being built between the elderly,youth, people from various countries,backgrounds,beliefs and personalities. That right there was a service in itself, which is far more profound than shoveling dirt or screwing in a lightbulb. I am proud to say I worked at MHYC…ENERGY OWNS!

-Tori Maddux, Energy Conservation Corpsmember


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