What now?

Well, we are rounding up this term at Mile High Youth Corps. It is scary and exciting at the same time. Scary because I still do not have a job to go directly in to, and exciting because I know that now I can leave here better prepared for work and life in the future.

There are some things here that I don’t think I’ll miss, for instance, we’ve constructed over 40,000 kits with energy saving measures to be mailed all over Colorado. I hate to say it but I will be honest, I am glad I do not have to build one more Energy Saving Kit. I am glad I also do not have to sit through another JRT (Job Readiness Training) class, but I am greatly appreciative for all the skills and knowledge I have gained through this class. I am now a more confident interviewee, I have a better resume, and I know how to write a cover letter.

However, it is not just the technical skills I have learned here that will benefit me for the future. I have a great experience under my belt now. I have gained confidence to be a leader among my peers, better knowledge of behind the scenes at a non-profit, and have developed a zeal for service. I feel so enriched with this program and I am so incredibly grateful for this entire experience. Therefore, even though I do not have a job yet, I am not worried because I know I am much better off now for the job market and the world because of my time at Mile High Youth Corps.

-Jesse Kuck, Energy Conservation Program


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