Meet Emily! Fall Sawyer Corpsmember

I had a chance to chat with Emily when the Sawyer crew invited the office staff out for a delicious meal at their campsite! Check out her story below.

Emily graduated with a BS in Chemistry and randomly decided to take a Military Science class in her last year of school. This class led her to signing up for the Army and she soon was commissioned as an officer. A few weeks after joining Mile High Youth Corps Emily found out that she will be reporting to Fort Sam Houston, TX in January.

Emily values leadership. Her Military Science class focused on this quality a great deal and Emily was able to see it in practice in her MHYC crew through leaders and sponsors. Working with a crew has been a great experience to prepare Emily for the Army because in both cases different kinds of people come together as a team to work on a specific job.

Emily enjoyed the opportunity MHYC provided for her to see other areas of Colorado that she had not while living here. She is terrified and thrilled to see where she will go and who she will meet in her future in the Army and is thankful for the ways that MHYC has prepared her for her next adventure.

– Sylvia Sedrak, Outreach VISTA, Colorado Springs Field Office


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