Adrian and Carla’s Story of Service at MHYC

Mile High Youth Corps. Wow the start to a new beginning, start to a new chapter professionally and personally. It has been a complete year since I’ve been here at MHYC, my life has change dramatically I would have never guessed I would have come this far.

November 2009, my husband Adrian Davalos, joined MHYC as a Youthbuild Corpsmember. The following month Alexandra Lee gave me an opportunity to volunteer at the East Montclair Community Center office and then later was hired as Outreach Corpsmember. This was just the beginning to our bigger and better future. MHYC gave my husband the opportunity to earn his GED and was even sent to Washington for a conference on behalf of the MHYC YouthBuild program.

Adrian graduated in July 2010 and today all YouthBuild staff still stay involved trying to keep him on track by calling and asking how he’s doing on his job – a job MHYC helped him obtain at Greiner Electric. By the end of the year 2009 with the help of Michelle Martinez and the flexibility Alexandra gave me we were able to get into this wonderful housing program where they have helped us actually have a beautiful home for our 2yr old daughter Breanna.

Our journey hasn’t been easy, we have had lots of bumps in the road and there will be more, but with all the support we get here at MHYC I know we will go very far.

To this day I am very thankful for everything they have done for us. Adrian gained his GED, an awesome job, and made
a better man of himself. MHYC helped me gain professional skills at a front desk and last but not least a GREAT Experience. To this day I am very thankful and lucky to say I am an MHYC employee.


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