Your Wake Affects Me

With orientation underway, a new group of ACLCs begin their ten-month journey with Mile High Youth Corps. As the new group begins, last year’s ACLCs must move on to new adventures and opportunities. Jeri Ho, an ACLC from last year, reflects on her experiences at MHYC and the friends she made!

Your Wake Affects Me

In the deepest depths of night, your face floats across my mind. I am reminded of the first time that I met you, and am ashamed to know that I doubted you – that I ever saw less than what exists. You remind me daily to keep looking and searching, and wondering at your possibilities and at mine. In that way, you inspire me to wonder…
On a cold February day we cramp lifelessly into a nearly lightless room, like zombies we hover around each other wondering but not knowing how to interact. It stabs at my heart to know that without consciousness so much time has since passed.
I remember the days we wore our coats inside during 2 dreary February weeks of Orientation. I remember the day we were caught playing with snowballs on a bright February day. I remember wearing coats between jobs, and then the sun came out, and the flowers bloomed – I was caught off guard.
We stood tall,
shoulder to shoulder
In solidarity
in deference to one another
a barn full of eager eyes peering up at as.
Now as always, I reminisce at the passage of time. What does it mean to be “forever young”? How will I remember these days two decades from now?
How will I remember you?
Andrew Kennedy, Ben Osenbaugh, Nilanjana Saha, Annie Matouka, Sophie Calandros-Savoie, Collin Hoffmann, Chance TwoCrow, Brendan Michaud, Derek Berardi, Stephanie Stocking, Alisha Behme, Michelle Shea, and Mike Mullaley.

– Jeri Ho, AmeriCorps Conservation and Leadership Corpsmember ’10


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